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Heel Pain: Everything You Need to Know, All in One Place
This is our central hub for all heel pain information, from what it is and what to do about it, to exercises that work, FAQs about Dr. Gauntt, what we do, and what you can expect as you work to heal your pain.

Why I put this page here

I completed some research recently that indicated a vast majority of our patient population spends lots of time trying to Google their way to answers about why they have heel pain and get valid advice as to what to do about it. Then they work tirelessly to treat it themselves, often with a less-than-happy ending.

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Because heel pain can become a painful chronic condition fairly quickly (within 6-8 weeks of it starting), and so becomes much more difficult to treat, I decided to create a medically sound resource page to help eliminate the extensive time heel pain sufferers spend trying to resolve their issues.

You’ve landed on that page. This is our central hub for all heel pain information, from what it is and what to do about it, to exercises that work, FAQs about me and my office, what we do, and what you can expect as you work to heal your pain.

If you have article suggestions, comments or other questions, Contact Us. We welcome your feedback.

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About Heel Pain

It is estimated that 80% of the adult population have experienced heel pain at some point in their lives. About 10% of the adult population has heel pain at any given time. So, heel pain is very common. The cause of your heel pain may or may not be common.

Heel pain causes are many…

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…and not all heel pain is alike. That said, the overwhelming majority of heel pain has as its basis a mechanical or structural origin.

That means for most people who develop heel pain, something in the foot is out of alignment… causing the tissue that holds the foot together to be overstressed, leading to pain.

If you do an internet search for ”heel pain” you will be overwhelmed with the hits returned and at some point, probably over and over, you will read the term, “plantar fasciitis”.

It is the most common source of heel pain,  caused by a foot that is out of alignment and over-stressed.

Interestingly, the cause of one person’s plantar fasciitis is rarely the same as another’s. Getting to the actual reason YOU have plantar fasciitis is key to a quick and lasting recovery.

You’ll find lots of information about plantar fasciitis and other cause of heel pain in our blog posts.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been a podiatric physician and surgeon for 30 years, specializing in heel pain treatment. There isn’t much I haven’t seen and successfully treated.

I have a difficult time seeing people suffer, doing unnecessary, ridiculous or even dangerous stuff…

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in an effort to solve their heel pain. There’s some bad advice out there about heel pain that seems legit on its surface; it can be hard to know what self-care advice to believe and try. It’s not your fault.

The internet is the wild west of un-evaluated opinion mixed in with actual fact. It’s very difficult to know what’s what.

I hope to help you with that.

I decided to try and help point you in the right direction, so you might quickly and safely get back to your life, without pain. As you’ll see, we’ve just started to add blog content in addition to basic heel pain information.

I strive to give you truthful and medically sound insights you won’t find anywhere else, with advice that will work for you, without unnecessary hardship.

So, if there’s something valid I know will help you sort out your heel pain problem, I’ll share it with you.

If there’s something on the net (or anywhere else) that’s blatantly wrong, or unnecessary, or a con, I’ll tell you that too.

I want you to get better, be healthy, and have a fulfilling, active and happy life, without pain from your feet getting in the way.

Feel free to comment about anything you read here. I do read everything and will respond as soon as I can.

Dr. K.G. Gauntt, DPM

What Our Patients Say About

Their Heel Pain Treatment

Heel Pain Blogs

Heel Pain FAQ

We’re transparent about who Dr. Gauntt is, how he treats heel pain, what things cost, and lots of other interesting details. It’s all in the FAQ.

How long does it take to fix heel pain?
It depends on the cause, but most patients get immediate relief at the first visit, and within a few months without further pain, the cause of your heel pain should be resolved.
Very occasionally resolution of heel pain requires surgery, but we exhaust all conservative options first. If you do eventually need surgery, it’s typically covered by insurance and recovery takes a relatively short time.
Is there a waiting list to get in to see Dr. Gauntt?
We work very hard to ensure access to Dr. Gauntt; normally new patients or returning patients who are at risk can be seen within 24 hours.
What happens at the first visit?
The goal of the first visit is to find the real cause of your heel pain. We usually take x-rays and use diagnostic ultrasound during this visit. In the rare event some other diagnostic test is needed that we do not perform, we’ll get it set up for you. Dr. Gauntt will answer your questions, let you know what he found is the underlying reason for your heel pain, and get you some immediate pain relief. Then he’ll continue to work with you to ensure your heel pain is resolved, and hopefully never returns.
Will treatment hurt?

Sometimes initial therapy is a bit uncomfortable, but therapy quickly leads to pain resolution and healing, and a return to the life you want.

Will I have to be off my feet during treatment?

Maybe. We strive to allow you to participate in as much of your usual day to day activity as you can. If Dr. Gauntt thinks that the only way to resolve your heel pain is to be off your foot, he’ll tell you, and tell you why, and give you whatever other options he can to give you as much freedom to be active as he possibly can.

How often and how many times will I have to come to the office before my heel pain is fixed?
Initially we see patients once a week, but based on your response and your personalized treatment plan, it will vary. Rest assured, we will get you on your feet and out of pain as quickly as we can. We do not schedule patients for visits they don’t need, nor provide treatment we don’t truly believe is necessary.
What if there are exercises or therapy you want me to do, but I can’t do it?
There are many ways to address your heel pain, but it may require more frequent visits to our office to help you resolve the condition.
What if treatment doesn’t work for me?

 It rarely happens, but if it does, Dr. Gauntt will take the initiative and set up a visit with an appropriate specialist for a second opinion. You might have some physical condition outside Dr. Gauntt’s scope of practice, and your heel pain is a result of that medical problem. Dr. Gauntt will work with you and any other required provider to help you resolve that underlying condition.

What about Cost?
Dr. Gauntt makes his decisions based on what’s best for his patients, not necessarily on what insurance coverage dictates. He does not let insurance tell him how to care for you. However, our office is in-network with the majority of plans in our area, so depending on your coverage, out of pocket costs will vary.
If you have insurance and your plan has a “deductible” (what’s a “deductible”?), once your deductible is met, your plan often covers the cost of your office visit and many procedures Dr. Gauntt may perform, except for plan required co-pay (what’s a “co-payment”?) and/or “co-insurance” due(what’s co-insurance?), which is out of pocket for you.
There are so many different healthcare plans that we can’t give specifics for yours on a website, but when you make an appointment, we’ll look into it, then give you the details when you arrive for your visit.
We are very aware that healthcare reform often places more financial responsibility on patients than has been typical in the past. To help you get the care you need, we take credit and debit cards for deductibles. co-payments and co-insurance, and offer credit card installment payments for non-covered products, services, or high deductible amounts that might otherwise be a burden.
If you don’t have insurance, we take all major credit and debit cards, and offer a short credit card based installment payment plan if needed, to help you manage your budget and ensure you receive the care needed to get back to your life.

No more heel pain!

“Nine months of extreme foot pain, then saw Dr. Gauntt and after ONE VISIT I HAVE NO MORE PAIN! What a blessing he is! EXCELLENT DOCTOR!!” Lori S.

They were the best!

“I was nervous about what could be done about my feet, and I was treated with respect, courtesy and encouragement. The doctor and his staff were the best! Thank you.” Catherine P.

Everyone should come here!

“Dr. Gauntt & staff have always worked hard to give me the best care. I think everyone should come here.” Dani C

Incredible difference

‘Please tell Dr. Gauntt that it is almost impossible for me to believe but the last treatment he did for me, cortisone shot applied with the aid of the ultrasound to target it, has made an incredible difference in my right foot! I have been on my feet sightseeing and hiking, trying to do it all, for weeks in cities all around Europe and I am not even having to ice my foot at night! I cannot believe my good fortune and wanted to tell him “It worked!” and because of it, my dream vacation is going wonderfully. I can participate instead of “I’ll wait here on this bench for you guys to get back”.’ Susan E.

So grateful!

“I’m so grateful to get the care I do.” Delores K.


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