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March Madness — Injuries Bounce Teams

Sprains, strains, stress fractures and the ACL

by Mar 7, 2017

Ok, here we go, for collegiate basketball the push is on. It’s the make it or break it time of year for teams across the country. What’s going to happen? How will foot injuries play a role in the final outcome? For those who are not tuned in, the season seems interminable. However, the rankings are coming in and every game counts. From this point on, any injury that is suffered by any player, has the potential for determining the final outcome.

What are some of the most common injuries sustained in collegiate basketball? Well, at this time the most prevalent injuries are sprains, strains, stress fractures and the ACL. As the push is on for championship titles, how can these types of lower leg injuries not affect the outcome? When a key player is benched due to a foot or ankle injury, the player may be out, but the team has to continue. Often, a team that is affected by injury or the loss of a primary player is not the same team at the end of the season as it was at the beginning.  The team has to learn to play differently, redistributing their talent so to speak, and when many teams’ rosters are limited to just a couple of key players…the  team’s seasonal outcome is questionable. Many times, a player will try to play with an injury, but obviously injuries in the lower legs make this almost impossible and are not recommended by most podiatric physicians.

Sprains, fractures, ruptures and tears are just a few of the injury considerations facing some of the teams.  Injuries to the feet, ankles or lower legs just about ruin the game for most players and yet it is somewhat deceiving how a broken toe can alter a person ability to continue their activities. It’s just a toe, right? However, each bone in your foot is critical for balance along with the ability to run and jump, and if left untreated, these injuries can become exasperated and put a player out of the game forever.

Thank goodness we seem fairly healthy going into March Madness; the stakes are high, and each team’s season is on the line. Grab onto the edge of your seat, the round ball beat continues for the NCAA, and the intensity is just beginning to build.

You don’t have to be a collegiate or pro athlete to suffer or require treatment for an injury. A healthy and pain free body is vital to your quality of life. If you have sustained an injury to your foot or ankle, call us at the Hillsboro office at (503) 648-1713, the Newberg office at (503) 538-0466 or the Beaverton office at (503) 292-9252. The Oregon Foot and Ankle Specialists want you healthy, whether you are pounding the court for the NBA or doing lay ups in the driveway.

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