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Health Food Not Fit to Eat

Duped into purchasing something you thought was healthy?

by Apr 20, 2016

Spring is early!  Its time to contemplate the healthy aspects of life, eating correctly and then make decisions accordingly. If you are reading this – you have already considered the benefits of a more active lifestyle and Oregon Foot Care Centers wants to make sure that you are making the right choices.  Dr. Gauntt treats podiatric concerns, but is also concerned about your overall health and well being.

Many of us have been duped into purchasing something we thought was healthy, only to discover it was the pits.  It’s wrapped up to look good, but remember to carefully examine the nutritional content.  When you see 25 grams of protein advertised, you think great, right? Maybe, but only if the same item is not loaded with fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Here are some examples of supposedly healthy foods that are nutritional explosives waiting to pass through your lips and land on your hips.

  • Protein bars
  • Yogurt
  • Fat-free salad dressings
  • Dried fruits
  • Low fat peanut butter
  • Turkey burgers
  • Bran muffins

You might wonder how low-fat or fat-free can be bad? As fat is removed, it is replaced with chemicals, sugar and salt in an effort to add back flavor. Read the ingredients. If high fructose corn syrup appears as the first or second ingredient, you can bet that it’s not a good choice.  The best way to avoid advertising traps that try to present their product as something it is not is to read the ingredient and nutrition labels and know what good balances are.  Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into the mind game of wording. “Low fat”, “no-fat”, “reduced fat”, “low sugar”, “reduced sugar”, “no sugar added”, are all terms that manufacturers use to get you to believe that their product is healthy. Don’t just believe it. Know what your good choices are.  Look for nutritional information that is low in fat, low in carbs, high in fiber, and has a good amount of protein.  If it has to have sugar – look for natural sugars and make sure that its not all that much.

Here are a few more tips to help you along the way:

  • Make your own salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar – you can add seasoning and flavors and make an excellent dressing.
  • Avoid processed turkey burgers, buy fresh ground turkey and add your own seasonings, avoiding salt.
  • Buy plain Greek yogurt and add your own fresh or frozen fruit.
  • Buy nuts as a quick snack – they are loaded with protein and almonds are shown to have a positive affect on your cholesterol and help fight heart disease.

Just by paying attention to the nutritional value of the foods you eat, you will drop a few pounds and your feet will thank you for it. The foot pain you are feeling as a result of too much weight will also subside.  Then, make the decision to get off the sofa and outside for some fresh air. In the course of your healthier life style, Oregon Foot and Ankle Specialists are here to help you.  If you have questions about your diet or if you sustain a foot or ankle injury while enjoying your active lifestyle, call us at the Hillsboro office at (503) 648-1713, the Newberg office at (503) 538-0466 or the Beaverton office at (503) 292-9252 or visit our website at www.oregonfootcare.com and our trained staff will be happy to help you and answer your questions.

K.G. Gauntt, DPM

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