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A Grotesque Looking Injury as it Happened

Foot and ankle injury

by Jan 7, 2016

Injuries on the basketball court are part of the game. No one in the crowd is shocked to see a player fall down or twist an ankle. But when you see an injury occur like the one that happened to Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls, it makes you cringe. In case you missed it, Joakim Noah was taking the ball down court when he stepped on the foot of Andre Iguodala. This caused him to lose balance and stumble so that his ankle folded and he landed on the outside of his left ankle with his foot bent under him at a 90 degree angle. This injury is in the wake of a torn ACL injury suffered by another of Chicago Bull’s stars, Derrick Rose (2012 MVP).

X-ray’s did not indicate an ankle fracture, but it has not been completely ruled out. Does it matter? The soft tissue damage pain alone in his left ankle will be enough to keep him out for a few games, and could possibly alter the outcome of the series. How often has that happened in the world of sports? One or two key players who wind up on the disabled list can mean an entire season’s efforts slip away.

One injured key player can alter an outcome, and the Chicago Bulls are now struggling with two. The other players will have to step up and fill the spots of Rose and Noah. It looks like these injuries have been detrimental to the team. The Bulls were expected to have done much better, but after Rose and Noah’s injuries, it looks like they’ll be heading home early.

There are no guarantees. Being a super star in the NBA doesn’t mean guarantee you protection from injury. Joakim Noah undeniably has access to the finest foot and ankle specialists in the world. Hopefully they are able to treat his injury in a way that will enable him to play in time to get the Bulls back in the game. Time and appropriate treatments will heal it correctly. It’s important that he spends enough time resting the injury so that it does not become a weak spot prone to further injuries.

If you suffer a foot or ankle injury, let our office be your guide. We can evaluate, treat you and advise when the healing is sufficient to allow you to return to normal activities. Call us at (the Hillsboro office at (503) 648-1713, the Newberg office at (503) 538-0466 or the Beaverton office at (503) 292-92526. When I say rest and recuperate, listen to our advice.

K.G. Gauntt, DPM

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